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Christmas Gift from Work

It will be our Christmas Dinner this evening and was surprised to hear that there will be a tower of treats. This is my third Christmas with the company and I remember receiving a hamper sent to home as we were exiting CoVid and an Amazon voucher last year. This is usually reserved for the […]

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Writ In Water Surrey

I woke up early today as I am back in the UK for work and manage to sneak in a run in Egham. I tried running in the open fields here several times during the winter and rainy months but it was either too dark or the water logged. I am glad I did it […]

Passport Photos

Resident Permit or Passport Photos from your Phone

As part of moving to France and dealing with the authorities, we had to take several passport photos. We first had ours done at Timpsons as our kids were too short for the photobooths but were not quite please with the results and the costs. After obtaining our initial Visa to relocate to France, we […]

5KM Run

Sporting Weekend With The Kids

I am super proud of both my kids over the weekend. We flew back to the UK to head over to Windsor for a corporate charity event. Upon arrival at the hotel, De Vere Beaumont Estate, I was overwhelmed by the scale of the event. I have only been with the company for a year […]

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Get Your Mail Redirected When Moving Abroad

Did you know Royal Mail can redirect your letters abroad for between 3 months to 1 year. This can be further renewed as needed. We setup the redirection roughly 2.5 weeks before heading of. Royal Mail do state that they need at least 5 working days to get this setup and recommend setting this up […]

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

It is sad news and my kids are gutted. The longest reigning British Monarch have sadly passed away today. She was the only ruling British monarch in my lifetime so far. I admire her for the sense of duty she had and navigating through so many challenges from wars to scandals within the royal family […]

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I Graduated From Oxford

Well, sort of. I just completed my Oxford Executive Strategy Program online through GetSmarter. It is an 8 week program that was gave me a taster on the Oxford approach to strategy. It is not my first online only executive learning I did although as I did an Open University MBA before but it had […]

Farewell To My Neighbours

I have started to let my neighbours know that we will be vacating the place in roughly a weeks time. Messages of congratulations poured in. It was such a shame that I didn’t spend more time to get to know everyone on my road rather than the occassional hi and goodbye with small talks. I […]


Best Places To Get Rid Of Your Furniture & Belongings

With our upcoming move to France, we had to declutter the home and get rid of some of our belongings. The following are places that we found most useful on trying to get rid of stuff. Our main focus was to re-homed our items as fast as we can. Facebook Marketplace (Fee Free) We sold […]

21st Class Stamp

Royal Mail Stamp Swap Out

Did you know that Royal Mail are adding barcodes to their traditional regular stamps? The barcodes are to offer future digital services that are accessible through the Royal Mail App. Any stamps of any denominations primarily featuring the Queen’s Head can be swapped out as they will no longer be valid after 31st January 2023. […]