Month: July 2022

people in stadium during daytime

Hear The Lionesses Roar

We witnessed history being created this evening when England’s Women’s Football team were crowned the European champions at Wembley Stadium! My daughter and I watched the live telecast on BBC and had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout. It is most definately a well deserving performance by the team and a fairy tale ending for the […]

flying airplane over white clouds

Soundtrack Of My Life

Don’t you find it fascinating how listening to tunes could bring back a flood of memories from your past. A friend of mine use to curate his spotify playlist by the year to remember the fondest moments. Well, to kick off mine, I would play a little track. This song was looping on the screens […]

We are back and open for business!

The Blog Returns

Hi Folks, I finally did it, I finally found the time to re-install WordPress and relaunch my blog! Thanks to WaybackMachine, I could get a screenshot on how the site looks like in 2005! A good 17 years ago… (Oh boy, how different life was back then) It was interesting that I could re-read those […]