Month: January 2024

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Neon Jungle – Trouble

Who doesn’t like girl bands? Well, I re-stumbled on this tune that was in my spotify playlist and thought it was good to resurface it especially since the Spice Girls got their own Royal Mail tribute stamps 30 years after their debut. Neon Jungle was a British girl group that burst onto the music scene […]

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The Public Domain

Every year, thousands of work have their copyright expire meaning they are now freely available to the public for free. You may use such works and remix it to make it your own. Disney is a good example of a company that does this really well. For example, Frozen is based on the Snow Queen […]

Man and Woman Dancing

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder On The Dancefloor

I watched Saltburn on Prime and the lead actor danced to this song in one of the iconic scenes of the film. I remember listening to this track when I was in high school and I was convinced that the singer was an English Doll. Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a captivating British singer, songwriter, and model, graces […]

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Let It Snow Let It Snow

Apparently it is a rare occassion in Paris as it is the second time in two weeks. Although it was a day later than forecasted, it is sure a change from the previous day of continous rain which we surprisingly still manage to cycle to school. Although the snow was heavier than previous week, it […]

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Jimmy Ray – Goin To Vegas

Well, I hope to be able to be in Vegas the end of this year but let me take you back to the time when I was in the early stages of high school in Malaysia. I managed with a long lost friend, a weekly music chart of top hits similar to Rick Dees US […]

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A Timeless Marvel: Exploring The Pantheon in Paris

Another First Sunday of the month, another free entry museum. This time it is to visit The Pantheon which is free during the low season. You don’t have to book your tickets upfront, just show up and join the queue if any. As usual, I recommend to come early. Paris, the city of lights, boasts […]

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Howie Day – Collide

It’s finally Friday and I can’t believe this song is 20 years old now! Howie Day, an American singer-songwriter, gained widespread recognition with his heartfelt ballad “Collide.” Released in 2004 as part of his album “Stop All the World Now,” the song resonated with listeners through its emotive lyrics and Day’s soulful vocals. “Collide” beautifully […]

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Topkapi Palace Istanbul

As we had no plans, we decided to visit one of the top spots in Istanbul. The center of the Ottoman Empire. I grew up learning a lot about western civilisations but evidently not enough about the Ottoman and how vast they were. We arrived here an hour later than initially planned due to the […]