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Jimmy Ray – Goin To Vegas

Well, I hope to be able to be in Vegas the end of this year but let me take you back to the time when I was in the early stages of high school in Malaysia. I managed with a long lost friend, a weekly music chart of top hits similar to Rick Dees US Top 40 based on mainly what we listened on the radio on or heard over Channel V or MTV (yes, I was very lucky to have Astro Satelite TV). There was not much science to it.

I first got to know of Jimmy Ray with his debut single “Are You Jimmy Ray?” And it is only today that I realised that he is actually English! I thought he was American. I did own a physical copy of his debut album and think it was a solid debut effort. Upon looking up on the Wikipedia page, I was quite surprised to learn that other than his debut single, Are You Jimmy Ray, he didn’t get any other similar chart success. My favourite song from his album was this song here which just made it to the top 50.

Jimmy Ray made a debut as a solo act in 1997 and was managed by the same manager as the Spice Girls. He went on tour in the states supporting Backstreet Boys. According to Wikipedia, he is still active today and released new music several years ago.

I wish him all the best and hopefully will be able to see him performing live one day.

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