Month: November 2023


Buffalo Bill

I have never heard of Buffalo Bill before but realised he was a larger than life character when we were in Denver. I stumbled upon his name while looking for places to visit with the kids. We were lucky enough to visit the musuem on the day that entry was free! I always love a […]

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Toy Box – Best Friend

Happy friday folks! This danish bubblegum and eurodance pop duo hails from Denmark consisting of vocalists Anila Mirza and Amir El-Falaki. Mirza was born on 8 October 1974 in Frederiksværk, Denmark to Indian-Iranian-Pakistani parents. El-Falaki was born 12 August 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark to Moroccan parents. In 1999, they had some success in the Scandinavian and Dutch music charts with a song from the album Fantastic, named “Tarzan & […]

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Kurios – Cirque Du Soleil

The big tent was set up on an island nearby where I regularly jogged and I bought the tickets about 3 months ago once it was released. The excitement was full steam ahead that I could get my kids to join me on this fantastic modern take of circus. The below is a opening act […]

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Poetic Ammo – Pass The Honey

Poetic Ammo, the trailblazing rap ensemble hailing from Malaysia, has etched an indelible mark on the country’s music scene. Comprising members such as Yogi B, Point Blanc, and C.Loco, the group emerged in the late 1990s, fusing diverse influences to craft their distinctive sound. With lyrical prowess and a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and local […]

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Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

During our two week adventure in Colorado, I was busy researching places to take the kids. I discovered this safari like experience to be able to wildlife from your car. We started our trip at the visitor center before the drive. We spent quite sometime here as there was a room full of arts and […]

Lemar – If There Is Any Justice

This song comes from a reality singing competition star that was constantly on our airwaves. I recall one of my housemate singing to this track when we live in Queensway in London. I can’t believe I was just a stone throw away from Kensington Gardens and struggle to wake myself up for a morning jogs […]


Dinosaur Ridge Colorado

Without much planning when we arrive in Colorado, I was surprised to see a huge variety of dinosaur fossil sites. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the best and well preserved sites. We left the visit to Dinosaur Ridge to the last Friday due to the heavy snow which were likely covering […]

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The Fray – How To Save a Life

I am continuing with my theme of artists originating from Colorado. The Fray is a rock band formed in Denver Colorado by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King in 2002. They released their debut album in 2005 and this track from the same titled about was a top 3 billboard track. This is arguably their […]

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Free Museums In Denver Colorado

I am near the end of my two week adventure here during half term with the kids and thought you might find this useful if you want a budget friendly day out activity with the kids. Mines Museum of Earth Science If your kids are in the phase of collecting rocks and are fascinated with […]