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Free Museums In Denver Colorado

I am near the end of my two week adventure here during half term with the kids and thought you might find this useful if you want a budget friendly day out activity with the kids.

Mines Museum of Earth Science

If your kids are in the phase of collecting rocks and are fascinated with them, this museum boasts an impressive collection of rocks and minerals. There is a free scavenger hunt for the kids looking for the School Mascot hidden amongst the exhibits. They were rewarded with a small prize for their efforts. Parking here costs $10 but there are nearby on street parking for 2 hours for free which is sufficiently enough as the visit takes approx 45 mins. In exchange of not paying any entrance fees, we bought two Geodes and the staff were very happy to crack them open for us.

Colorado University Museum of Natural History

There is an impressive collection of fossils found from Colorado and accross the country. I am envious of the residents of Colorado that they have access to fossils just from their backyard. The are children activity stands throughout the two floors of the museum which can keep the kids busy such as colouring and making crafts. Parking here is not free but there are restricted 2 hours on street parking a short walk from here.

Colorado University Art Museum

We were not planning to visit an art gallery but figured out there were no harm as it was only a stone throw away from the University Museum of Natural History. The kids joined in the scavenger hunt and got some free colouring pencils to take home.

Golden History Museum & Park

This nice little museum and park is a nice stop and is next to a stream which is a nice photo spot. There is a open park with buildings preserved from the olden times. It showcases the local history of Golden. The kids participated in the scavenger hunt and walked away with some treats. There are both paid and free parking options available. There is also a library next door which the kids rested here browsing through books at the kids section.

Do note that these museums are fairly small in comparison to many fee ones but sufficient to occupy my short attention span kids. Enjoy!

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