Month: October 2023

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The Lumineers – Ho Hey

I am currently in Denver Colorado and wanted to pay tribute to this lovely place by posting a track from a band that originated from here. The Lumineers are an acclaimed folk-rock band hailing from the musical hotbed of Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2002 by core members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, this talented duo […]


Apocalypse Tapestry In Angers

As part of my weekend getaway, we made a pit stop in Angers enroute to Nantes after driving 3 hours. We parked the car at the massive La Rochefoucauld Parking for free and started to stroll accross the river to the old town. We first arrived at the bottom of the steps of Montée Saint-Maurice […]

Signage Hanging on the Street

Faye Wong – Dreams

This is the cantonese cover of The Cranberries Dreams by Faye Wong which was included in her album in 1994 Random Thoughts. It became the soundtrack for Chungking Express, a film by Wong Kar-Wai. I was in primary school when I got to know of the singer Faye Wong. One of my friend was a […]

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The Grand Elephant of Nantes

As part of my birthday weekend celebration, we decided on a mini road trip to Nantes for the sole purpose of us riding the Grand Elephant! It was nothing short of amazing in terms of the mechanism and puppetry effect. We booked the tickets online and this is highly recommended to avoid the queues. If […]

Concert at Night

BabyMetal – Gimme Chocolate!!

Can’t believe another week is almost over and I had to go through my spotify playlists to dig this track out. It comes from a Japanese band named BabyMetal formed in 2010. The concept behind this band was a fusion of Japanese Idol with Heavy Metal. The band have released four albums to date and […]

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I am on TikTok

Don’t worry, you won’t see me dancing in any of the clips. I have a created an account on TikTok to experiment on sharing some of the faceless video and contents there. After just over a week of uploading content daily, one of the particular video I sourced from Pixabay on Mountain Biking seems to […]

People Watching Football Game

Lady Sovereign – Love Me or Hate Me

I came to know of Lady Sovereign when she was in Celebrity Big Brother with the DJ Basshunter. Think they were locked up in a room with Basshunter’s track looping. She pokes fun at herself for being petite in her song and even named her recording company Midget Records. Lady Sovereign hails from London and […]

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Have you ever realised your favourite brand of candy or chocolate bar is becoming smaller and smaller each year? Well, that is precisely a strategy taken by products to maintain price or counter inflation. I was aware of this when I started working with a company which reduced the quantity in the usual pack of […]