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Faye Wong – Dreams

This is the cantonese cover of The Cranberries Dreams by Faye Wong which was included in her album in 1994 Random Thoughts. It became the soundtrack for Chungking Express, a film by Wong Kar-Wai. I was in primary school when I got to know of the singer Faye Wong. One of my friend was a big fan of hers and I also had influence from my sisters on getting to know Hong Kong pop stars.

I equally like both versions of the song but you can be the judge on which one is your favourite. My parents did eventually bring us to Hong Kong several times and we did a tour. My sisters would know more of the places from watching TVB series than I ever did.

Faye Wong in Concert in 2011

Back to Faye Wong, she is from Beijing and started to gain popular attention in the early 90s. She would go on to become a reknowned singer, songwriter and actress. She is commonly known as a diva with a few words.

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