Month: December 2022

Hijau – Zainal Abidin

Hijau means “Green” and this song celebrates nature. Zainal Abidin is a Malaysian singer born in the state of Johor. He started out his musical career in a band before equally having a successful solo career which included performances in Japan and globally. I never trully appreciated the beauty of the lyrics until I was […]

Up The Eiffel Tower

Well, we manage to do a touristy thing by going up the Eiffel tower. We only manage to get tickets for using the stairs up to the 2nd floor as the lift to the top have sold out. If you ever want to go there, please buy the tickets online as we avoided queues of […]

Where To Get Rid Of Your Christmas Tree In France?

Well, when we first got our Christmas tree, I can’t help it but wonder how do I get rid of it when Christmas is over. In the UK, I am aware that the council sets up collection points which was in my local council park the last time where we can just drop them off. […]

Standing In The Eyes Of The World – Ella

Listening to this song brings me back in time when I was a student in Penang Free School. It was the official theme of the 1998 Commonwealth Games hosted in the capital of Malaysia. I was not fortunate enough to have been in the games or witness the opening ceremony. It did however gave me […]

Split & Merge PDF Files

Well, I have started working more and more with PDF files lately in my latest obsession with print on demand publishing. There are times when you have to split and merge several PDF files and I thought I would share with you that I have been using PDFSam Basic. It was introduced to me by […]

Are You Ready For Christmas Yet?

Doesn’t it feel nice that Christmas is around the corner. We went ice skating for the first time as a family yesterday at A Côté 2100. I usually avoid such places but it so near to where we live and most importantly, the kids had a good time. I still have a few more days […]

So Little Time – Arkarna

Another week has passed which drawn me to the lyrics of the song when it states “So Little Time, So Much To Do”. The song was released in 1997 when I was in secondary school in Penang Free School. I can’t exactly recall when was the first time I heard the song but it has […]

Different Species of Dinosaur Plastic Toy on a White Surface

First Coloring Book Published on KDP

Received the confirmation that my coloring book has been published! Here are the link to the book in the US and UK Amazon stores. It is also available in all other Amazon stores globally. What I Learned On My To Do List

Free Astrobiology Comic Book

Did you know Nasa produces tons of free materials for you to openly share. Here is a series of comic book to learn more about Astrobiology. I use it as inspiration to create a new coloring book about Space Exploration. I am also using it as an opportunity to embed flipbooks into my post. Hope […]

Peter Fox Alles Neu

Another hit when I was living in Hamburg Germany. Peter Fox debuted with his single in 2008 which charted number 4 in Germany. The title of the song translates as “Everything New” and looking up the lyrics seems to refer to re-inventing oneself. He is now new to the music world as he is part […]