Are You Ready For Christmas Yet?

Doesn’t it feel nice that Christmas is around the corner. We went ice skating for the first time as a family yesterday at A Côté 2100. I usually avoid such places but it so near to where we live and most importantly, the kids had a good time.

I still have a few more days of work and can’t believe that 2023 is just a stone throw away. We will have friends visiting over the holidays and can’t wait.

We have also been binging on new Christmas movies such as Spirited on Apple TV and Your Christmas Or Mine on Amazon Prime. Am not boasting all the streaming services I have but they are all on extended trial.

It’s interesting that we didn’t celebrate Christmas as a child but embraced this holiday season as we started living and working abroad. Well, there should be a couple more Christmas themed posts leading up to 2023.

Am also starting to think about 2022 achievements which I can reflect upon in my year end post. Till next post, I wish you a great holiday season!

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