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Bleuet for Armistice Day

Similar to Poppy flowers during Remembrance Day, the France symbolise it with the Corn Flower. I learned about this from my kids that proudly wore their Bleuet from school. According to Wikipedia, In France, the bleuet de France is the symbol of memory for, and solidarity with, veterans, victims of war, widows, and orphans, similar to the […]

Black and White Hardtail Bike on Brown Road Between Trees

My Bicycle Broke

My trustworthy bicycle finally gave way yesterday after running my errands and trying to pick up my kids from school. I ended up walking to school and reaching just in time for pick up and thankfully the journey home wasn’t that bad as the weather was kind. I finally took part the rear wheels to […]

Variety Of Pumpkins

Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is near and I never really celebrated Halloween until I had kids. Of course I knew about the dressing up from watching American TV shows but it was never a big thing in Asia when I was growing up. When we were in the UK, we started doing trick or treat with the kids […]

Chessington Equivalent in Paris France

We spent the weekend in a theme park similar to Chessington World of Adventures except there was barely any queue in comparison to the theme parks in the UK! We were used to being stuck in queues for up to an hour to go on rides in Legoland, Paultons Parks and of course Chessington itself. […]

Teacher Apple

Je Suis Benny

I started my first French lesson today with a teacher. It is amazing how a teacher can explain things and make it much easier to understand. She has been correcting my pronounciation as well. Let’s see how this lasts and whether I can at least buy some bread and converse in French with my local […]

Crowded Street With Cars Along Arc De Triomphe

Learning French with Duolingo

It has been almost 90 days that I have been using Super Duolingo. I am not using it religiously but it has become my morning routine that I have 88 days streak. So, here is what I like about the app: The gamification with leaderboard and a community of learners The daily reminder that nudges […]

Tool Set on Plank

Homebase Equivalent in France

As I continue to explore and discover France and compare similarities with the UK, here is my latest find. Leroy Merlin is similar to Homebase back in the UK where they sell home improvement items and has a garden center. It is a large French company. We bought some light fittings, curtain and curtain rails […]

Passport Photos

Resident Permit or Passport Photos from your Phone

As part of moving to France and dealing with the authorities, we had to take several passport photos. We first had ours done at Timpsons as our kids were too short for the photobooths but were not quite please with the results and the costs. After obtaining our initial Visa to relocate to France, we […]

shopping cart

The Equivalent of Home Bargains in France

I am a bargain hunter and who isn’t. I discovered a chain called Action that is similar to Home Bargains or B&M back in the UK. Action is a dutch discount chain store that operates over 2000 shops across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and most recently Spain this […]


Doctor & Dentist Appointments in Paris

Woke up with a toothache and I manage to get an appointment to a Dentist and a further one for a Stomatologist using the app Doctolib for the same day. The experience were pretty seamless. The key thing is you need to register for the app Doctolib which gives you access to book consultation with […]