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Centre Pompidou

We booked our free tickets for the first Sundays for the 11:15 slot. The musuem is only a short walk from Chatelet Les Halles. We frequent this station because there is a Lego store here. Upon arrival, we join the growing queue according to our time slot. Upon passing security checks, we were welcomed in […]

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Being Curious Again

I was fortunate to be in my kids school the past weekend for a Discovery Day or what they called a Learning Festival. The day is for parents to experience how teaching is done in the school and you get to participate in classes as a student with the teachers showcasing some of the syllabus. […]

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Restaurant Vouchers As A Perk

One of the perks of Employment in France is Restaurant Vouchers (Titre Restaurant). This is given by employers that usually don’t run a canteen to subsidise the costs of your meal during working days. I notice this voucher quite a while ago when I was looking after Belgium as part of my IT Service Management […]

Grande Galerie de l’Évolution

Enjoying our time here in France and taking in every moment to visit the museums and galleries. This is one is by far our favourite. It is part of the Natural History Museum but the Atrium or Main Gallery is definately a sight to take in. I immediately drew comparisons to the Natural History Museum […]

White Dinosaur Skeleton Displayed on a Wooden Table in a Museum


We decided to complete our exploration of the galleries of the French Natural History Museum. We pre-booked our tickets for the Galerie de PALÉONTOLOGIE et D’ANATOMIE COMPARÉE which according to Google translates to Paleontology & Comparative Anatomy Gallery. It is one of the many galleries located at Jardin Des Plantes. Although I have their annual museum […]

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Streaming Laws in France

Once I settled in France, I wanted to stream Thor Love and Thunder but was surprised it wasn’t available on Disney+ (Thankfully my UK account and subscription still works). I recall it being released to stream when I left the UK but didn’t think too much of it. Over the weekend, my kids wanted to […]

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Reduce Food Waste With A Bargain

I was active on Olio when I was living in Woking and frequently visit the local fruit stall for bargains. I have yet to find an equivalent of them here in Paris but discovered the bargain box of fruits and vegetables at my local Carrefour which gives me the same satisfaction. I found similar box […]

La Defense – The Canary Wharf of Paris?

I manage to make my way to the office today after relocating to France since September. The journey door to door took approx 40 mins if I timed it correctly. Not a bad commute combining cycling, walking and taking the RER train. It was very nice of the colleagues to buy me lunch today and […]

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34% Discount Limit

I have been eyeing the Chocolate aisles in my local Carrefour for further discounts of the Christmas Chocolates but the discounts have seem to be frozen at 34% ever since the new year. This made me curious to investigate further. I found out that there is a law that was enforced in 2019 which limits […]

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Lunar New Year Parade in Paris

After 3 years of absence, the Lunar New Year Parade is making a return to Paris. Today, we braved through the crowds and made our way to join in with the celebrations. It was crowded as expected but the sights and sounds made it worth it. I could barely take any insta-worthy photos as I […]