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ParkRun France Suspended

My planned weekly dose of 5km run have been suspended for several months now. I found this out about a week ago after trying to find my closest event. I was looking forward to continue our weekly family run and feeding off the energy of other fellow runners. We are regular participants due to the […]

The French Equivalent to British Iceland Supermarket

I found a British Iceland Supermarket Chain equivalent in France. (Mentioning it as if I am the first person to identify their similarities) Picard specialises in Frozen Food and have a variety of ready meals and a wide choice of Frozen food. Unlike Iceland which sells fresh items as well, Picard is 99.9% frozen stuff. […]

La nuit porte conseil

In the spirit of immersing myself in French, here is a common saying in French “La Nuit Porte Conseil” which means “The Night Brings Advise”. This is equivalent to the English saying of “Sleeping On It”. Sometimes, it is easy to rush into decisions without taking the time to process the implications or what it […]

Quickest Way on Getting a French Mobile Number

Hi, I notice one of the key things since arriving in France is how important it is to have a French mobile number. This has allowed us to drop our kids at the creche in Ikea, register for our official documentations, order our washing machine and many more basic stuff. The quickest way I obtain […]

We Settled In

Bonjour! After several days of unpacking and still many boxes to go, we finally feel settled. The folks that we have met so far are welcoming and we are adjusting well. There are still a long to do list such sorting out the internet, our mobile phones, installation of washing machine and registering with a […]