a small island with a church on top of it

Mont St Michel

I always wondered what this magnificent place was and I jumped into the opportunity to bring my parents here. Similar to my previous trip to Nantes, Le Mans and Angers, I decided to do a trip to Caen, Mont St Michel and Rouen. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great on the last day and we went straight home after Mont St Michel. 
A day before the journey, I showed the kids a Youtube video as a preview of what they can expect visiting this place. This is something that got them really excited by thinking about how the place was built in ancient times. 
We drove here after Caen and got here with enough sunlight on Saturday to do some initial exploring. There is a free shuttle that took us from the hotel near to the Mont St Michel. This saved a lot of time walking and it was running every 8 minutes. We started walking around while the crowds were slowly dwindling away. The drizzle turns the crowds away which was favourable as I understood the place can get really busy. There were restaurants on the island itself but we decided to head to another on shore near to the hotel. 
I also took the opportunity to run on Sunday morning. It was quite dark but the bridge path had lights. Running on the wood and hearing the breeze gave a very calm and nice feeling. 

We did buy our tickets to the magnificent abbey for 0930 entry although we only entered at 1000 am as we spent too much time enjoying our breakfast. The bad weather did give us enough pocket of dryness to wander around but our luck ran out at the end as we were drenched on the way out of the island. We had to change to whatever dry clothes we had before making our 4 hour journey home. The rain didn’t stop the whole way home and it was pouring.

If I were to plan this all over again, I would come better dressed with ponchos. I will wear wellies so that I can walk around the shore when the tide was low. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience for myself and hopefully the family.

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