Month: September 2023

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SPEED – Nettaiya

SPEED is a quartet girl group from Okinawa, Japan formed in 1995. This song was from their second Japanese Studio Album, Rise released in 1998. The girls would go on to sell millions of records and be one of the most successful girl groups in Asia. I was still in high school at that time […]

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My First YouTube Shorts

We traveled to the UK for the weekend to attend an annual charity event. Upon descent, I captured the wing, clouds and the London Skyline. I recorded for a minute with the intention of it being my first ever YouTube shorts. Staying in theme of faceless videos. Let’s see how many views this video can […]

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Tyler James – Why Do I Do?

Another track from the depths of my memory bank. This time it is Tyler James who is famously known as one of Amy Winehouse’s best childhood friend when they met at performing school. This song peaked at 25 in the UK Charts. However, he was later dropped by Island Records due to poor performance of […]

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Celestial Snow

Another attempt of creating a faceless video on YouTube and this time it is an ambient sound video. The audio and video footage are mainly from with the exception of one clip which is from Pond5. The video was also produced using ClipChamp and took about 30 minutes to complete. I used ChatGPT to […]

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Malaysia Day

Malaysia Day (Malay: Hari Malaysia) is a public holiday held on 16 September every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on that date in 1963. This event saw Malaya, North Borneo (which was renamed Sabah), Sarawak, and Singapore unite into a single state. Singapore, however, was expelled from the federation less than […]

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Kristian Leontiou – Shining

Kristian Leontiou is a Londoner from a Greek Cypriot family which released his debut in 2004. This is the second single from his debut certified gold album Some Day Soon. This is my favourite track from him although it peaked at 13 on the UK Singles chart. He parted ways with Polydor a year after […]

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Relaxing Wave Videos

I bet you would have seen hundreds of videos on Youtube which showcases looping audios and scenes to help one relax or simply used as some background sound. Well, I am to shy to be in front of the camera and I hate to hear my own voice. I discovered a genre of faceless videos […]

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Otto Knows – Million Voices

This songs loops and loops but it is infectious. It is a track from the Swedish DJ known as Otto Knows. This song was released in 2012 and charted at number 6 in Netherlands which could be where I first heard this tune. The video of the song was filmed in Lésigny, France. Otto Knows […]

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Restoring Old WordPress Posts From Wayback Machine

Hi, you might have notice that some of my older posts have resurfaced. It is part of some work in progress which I mentioned earlier this year to restore my older posts. I did it manually through Web Archive but discovered a tool that can assist for free. The tool is called Archivarix. After completing […]

Asian Dub Foundation – New Way New Life

It is over 20 years now since this song was released. It is from the ground breaking group Asian Dub Foundation from London with their own unique genre of mixing rap, rock, dancehall and south asian music. The band and this track was fronted by Bangladeshi-British Rapper former member Deeder Zaman. Besides the song being […]