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Restoring Old WordPress Posts From Wayback Machine

Hi, you might have notice that some of my older posts have resurfaced. It is part of some work in progress which I mentioned earlier this year to restore my older posts. I did it manually through Web Archive but discovered a tool that can assist for free.

The tool is called Archivarix.


After completing several field and ticking the right boxes, you will click submit. An e-mail will be sent to confirm your request. Upon confirmation, it will queue it for processing and lets you know once it is completed. There is a plugin which will also help you with importing content to your WordPress blog. It is not 100% perfect but it is helpful and definately beats doing it manually.

The tool has a limit of 200 files with each extract or else you will have to pay but you can do multiple times in chunk to avoid the fee.

Hope you find this helpful!

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