Month: February 2023

White Dinosaur Skeleton Displayed on a Wooden Table in a Museum


We decided to complete our exploration of the galleries of the French Natural History Museum. We pre-booked our tickets for the Galerie de PALÉONTOLOGIE et D’ANATOMIE COMPARÉE which according to Google translates to Paleontology & Comparative Anatomy Gallery. It is one of the many galleries located at Jardin Des Plantes. Although I have their annual museum […]

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H.O.T. – Candy

I was first introduced to K-Pop by my second sister. It was quite often that either Channel V or MTV Asia will play a Korean Chart Show in the evening and we will be recording some of the music videos on VHS to be replayed later. Although we don’t understand Korean, we are often attracted […]

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Streaming Laws in France

Once I settled in France, I wanted to stream Thor Love and Thunder but was surprised it wasn’t available on Disney+ (Thankfully my UK account and subscription still works). I recall it being released to stream when I left the UK but didn’t think too much of it. Over the weekend, my kids wanted to […]

Side view full length sporty Asian men in activewear performing street style dance under urban elevated highway

Jeff & Machi Jump 2003

Rotating through Taiwanese artists, I recall listening to Machi for the first time mainly because the track remixes the original song by Missy Elliot, Work It. I can’t believe this track “Jump 2003” is now twenty years old. There is another version that has Missy Elliot’s vocals in it. They rap in my native Hokkein […]

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Reduce Food Waste With A Bargain

I was active on Olio when I was living in Woking and frequently visit the local fruit stall for bargains. I have yet to find an equivalent of them here in Paris but discovered the bargain box of fruits and vegetables at my local Carrefour which gives me the same satisfaction. I found similar box […]

A Group of Women Standing Together while Protesting

Matilda Tao – Sisters Stand Up

I have been travelling again for work and have been on the road for the past week and can’t believe the week has gone. Well, I wanted to share this track and was fortunate to find a video with a literal English translation to the lyrics. This catchy pop song is by a Taiwanese Entertainer, […]

Public Domain Day

Well, almost a month late since 1st January 2023 but do you know every 1st January, thousands of works become copyright free? This is because the maximum period to protect the work and commercially profit from it ends. This year, see famous characters like Winnie The Pooh going into the public domain. This doesn’t mean […]

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A-Yue – Break Up

I was introduced to this track by my eldest sister. She often listens to Chinese songs when we were growing up and did introduced a few hits that stuck in my head. A-Yue (Chang Chen-yue) hails from Taiwan and performs in a band named Free Night. Chang is a Taiwanese aborigine of the Amis people. […]

La Defense – The Canary Wharf of Paris?

I manage to make my way to the office today after relocating to France since September. The journey door to door took approx 40 mins if I timed it correctly. Not a bad commute combining cycling, walking and taking the RER train. It was very nice of the colleagues to buy me lunch today and […]