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H.O.T. – Candy

I was first introduced to K-Pop by my second sister. It was quite often that either Channel V or MTV Asia will play a Korean Chart Show in the evening and we will be recording some of the music videos on VHS to be replayed later.

Although we don’t understand Korean, we are often attracted by the high production value video clips and beats. H.O.T. was one of the first Korean boyband that we grew to like their songs and we bought several copies of their CD albums.

H.O.T. (Korean: 에이치오티; pronounced “H. O. T.”, acronym for Highfive Of Teenagers) was a South Korean boy band that was created by SM Entertainment in 1996. They are considered to be the first K-pop idol group and their successful formula became the model for many K-pop groups that followed them.

One of the members, Kang-Ta would become a teen idol and his face plastered everywhere in products.

Hope you enjoy this track as much as I do as it brings back good memories for me.

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