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Academy Award scene with clapper board

She’s Done It!

Michelle Yeoh just created history by being the first Malaysian to win an Oscar for Best Actress. I was beaming with pride for being a fellow Malaysian. I share the joy as growing up we always thought that the centre stage was always reserved for the few. Grewing up, I didn’t know that Michelle Yeoh […]

cereal, spoon, milk

Koko Krunch Twin?

Growing up in Malaysia, one of my favourite breakfast cereal was Koko Krunch by Nestle. It is a chocolate cereal with a Koala Bear as a logo. When I arrived in France, I discovered that Koko has a twin called Pico which is a chocolate loving dog. The cereal is also called Chocapic. What I […]

Man in Yellow Shirt and Brown Pants

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

I seriously had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) this weekend and in my moment of weakness might have bought too many deals. I have been thinking of several projects which I used to justify the purchases. We will see if I put it to good use. Some of the items I bought are: At time […]

Learning Python

I just got back from a recent work trip in London and met a previous colleague and fellow friend. He told me about a possible scholarship for coding bootcamp which he got through! After a few pints, I decided I was up for the challenge and just completed the coding section of the screening tests. […]

Banksy vs GUESS

The high end fashion chain have sparked backlash from the famed street artist Banksy for apparently not getting any permission for using his artwork on a newly launched collection. The fashion chain claims to have collaborated with a street artist licensing company Brandalised to use the pieces but this does not seem to be the […]

Black and White Hardtail Bike on Brown Road Between Trees

My Bicycle Broke

My trustworthy bicycle finally gave way yesterday after running my errands and trying to pick up my kids from school. I ended up walking to school and reaching just in time for pick up and thankfully the journey home wasn’t that bad as the weather was kind. I finally took part the rear wheels to […]

Disposable E-mail Addresses

Are you tired of getting spammed by junk mail? Fear no more, use disposable e-mail addresses. Yes, e-mail addresses that you can literally get rid off after using it to subscribe to a mailing list when you do not wish to use your own. I have been playing around with attempting to host my own […]

Big Buck Bunny – Open Source Movie

I would like to share some bootstrapping ideas and sources of information in the upcoming weeks. Let me kick start with this. Ever needed a video file to be used to accompany your projects? Well, here is one for you. Big Buck Bunny is the second installment from the folks at Blender Studio. Yes, it […]