Bin Stores

I discovered something new in my recent trip to Colombus Ohio. They are called bin or Amazon return stores. As what it says, it is selling Amazon returns and other liquidated stock.

The particular one I visited was in Dublin Ohio and is called Where Ya Bin! They restock every Friday with costs of the items starting at $14.00, reducing to $10.00 on Saturday, $7.00 on Sunday, $5.00 on Monday, $3.00 on Tuesday, $1.00 on Wednesday and $0.25 on Thursday.

I was able to visit on Monday and Wednesday. I was initially overwhelmed on my first visit and just browsed. I was also being nosy by checking what folks are filling their carts with.

You Can See New Stock Arriving In Wooden Pallets
Bargain Hunters Rummaging Through The Bins

I was actively on the lookout for Lego but I end up buying a dog chewing toy, table placemats and some Couscous for $1.00 each. Most repeat items in the bin that I saw were face masks, mobile phone cases and books. There were clothing items as well such as Levi’s and Lacoste but none were my sizes.

If there is such a store near where I live, I will be a repeat customer as I enjoy rummaging the bins looking for a bargain. Most of the folks there I believe were flippers. They are on the lookout for items to sell online.

I will actively look to see if such stores start opening here in Europe. For now, I will have to resort to car boot sales or charity stores for my bargain hunting.

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