Month: June 2024

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Daniel Merriweather – Red

I was working in Aylesbury when I fell in love with this song. Admittedly, I didn’t recall watching the video clip until recently for this blogpost. Daniel Merriweather is an Australian singer-songwriter (I always thought he was Irish) known for his soulful voice and emotive songwriting. His song “Red,” released in 2009, is a poignant […]

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Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

Eliza Doolittle is a British singer-songwriter celebrated for her catchy pop tunes and distinctive, playful vocal style. Her song “Pack Up,” released in 2010, became a breakout hit, known for its infectious melody and cheerful, upbeat vibe. The track, from her self-titled debut album, cleverly samples the chorus from the 1915 song “Pack Up Your […]

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Want to play a game? Well, I recently re-purposed my short domain name and created a mobile game website. The logo can still be improved but it using a free template and script available. It is advertising heavy as that is what the provider gets in return for making the games available. I will […]

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Adé – Tout Savoir

In the first few months of arriving in France, this song was playing on Virgin Radio and it soon made it’s way to my head. Adélaïde Chabannes de Balsac, known professionally by her stage name Adé, is a French musician and singer of several genres, including folk-pop. Previously a member of the French band Therapie Taxi, in 2022 […]


The Great Pagoda Paris

I stumbled upon a signboard pointing towards this place of worship in the first few months I was in Paris while visiting the Zoo. It took us nearly two years to finally visit this place and for a delayed Wesak celebration. Nestled in the massive grounds of Bois de Vincennes, there is a Buddhist Temple. […]