Month: March 2023

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Sky – Some Kinda Wonderful

Sky is a Canadian pop rock duo from Montreal Quebec. Both band members are songwriters, producers and play multiple musical instruments. The song Some Kinda Wonderful is from their debut album Piece of Paradise. The album peaked at number 6 in Canada and they subsequently achieved a number one track with the song “Love Song”. […]

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Free View of the City from Amsterdam’s Public Library

We had a morning to kill and the weather wasn’t great. I googled for free activities and found out that the public library is free entry and have a cafe on one of the highest floor and provides a good view of the city. It is only a short walk from the Central Station and […]

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Stefanie Sun – Turbo

This time on tracks that stuck with me, it is a song by Singaporean Singer & Songwriter Stefanie Sun. She released her debut album in 2000 and went on to win numerous awards. She is popular in Southeast Asia and Greater China. It gives me flashbacks of college days where a songwriter was my collegemate. […]

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Dutch Clogs Museum

We were back to Amsterdam over the weekend. The city that I lived in for over 2.5 years. This time we went back with our kids. We visited Zaanse Schans as our first stop. I came to know of this place in my early days of my career when my Dutch boss hosted me over […]

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Being Curious Again

I was fortunate to be in my kids school the past weekend for a Discovery Day or what they called a Learning Festival. The day is for parents to experience how teaching is done in the school and you get to participate in classes as a student with the teachers showcasing some of the syllabus. […]

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Wonder Girls – Nobody

I was asked about this song when I was based in Hamburg Germany. A colleague have just returned from a holiday in Thailand and was dying to find the title of this song but I was unhelpful. Apparently the song was playing everywhere he was. Wonder Girls is a Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment […]

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The Sporty One – Melanie C

Mel C was my favourite Spice Girl and when I heard about her Autobiography being published late last year, I knew it was only a matter of time before I read it. Oh well, in this case, listen to it on Audible. It is officially the first audio book I completed in full. Mainly because […]

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She’s Done It!

Michelle Yeoh just created history by being the first Malaysian to win an Oscar for Best Actress. I was beaming with pride for being a fellow Malaysian. I share the joy as growing up we always thought that the centre stage was always reserved for the few. Grewing up, I didn’t know that Michelle Yeoh […]

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Restaurant Vouchers As A Perk

One of the perks of Employment in France is Restaurant Vouchers (Titre Restaurant). This is given by employers that usually don’t run a canteen to subsidise the costs of your meal during working days. I notice this voucher quite a while ago when I was looking after Belgium as part of my IT Service Management […]

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Koko Krunch Twin?

Growing up in Malaysia, one of my favourite breakfast cereal was Koko Krunch by Nestle. It is a chocolate cereal with a Koala Bear as a logo. When I arrived in France, I discovered that Koko has a twin called Pico which is a chocolate loving dog. The cereal is also called Chocapic. What I […]