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Being Curious Again

I was fortunate to be in my kids school the past weekend for a Discovery Day or what they called a Learning Festival. The day is for parents to experience how teaching is done in the school and you get to participate in classes as a student with the teachers showcasing some of the syllabus.

I chose the following:

  1. Minecraft for Education
  2. Art: Dragon Eyes
  3. Maths

I enjoyed all 3 40 minute sessions and wished I could have done it all.

I didn’t know that Minecraft did teach coding and made it rain chickens based on the tutorial in the digital world of building blocks. It’s like lego to me.

For Art, we made dragon eyes from air drying clay. We didn’t had time to paint it but it allowed me to channel my inner creativity. We even brought home some clay for the kids to make their own.

Lastly for maths, it was good to refresh my memory with the tips and tricks. I also discovered the following game which is helpful to learn the times tables.

My key takeaways were that education have evolved so much since I was on a school chair behind a desk. The methods used are definately more advanced and engaging.

Lastly, an appreciation shout out to all the educators in the world! You are amazing.

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