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Started binging on Shogun on Disney+ and am up to date. Can’t believe I am now having to wait weekly for each new episode. I usually wait until the whole season is available before starting. “Shogun” is a captivating historical drama series set in feudal Japan during the 17th century. Adapted from James Clavell’s epic […]

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The Sporty One – Melanie C

Mel C was my favourite Spice Girl and when I heard about her Autobiography being published late last year, I knew it was only a matter of time before I read it. Oh well, in this case, listen to it on Audible. It is officially the first audio book I completed in full. Mainly because […]

Split & Merge PDF Files

Well, I have started working more and more with PDF files lately in my latest obsession with print on demand publishing. There are times when you have to split and merge several PDF files and I thought I would share with you that I have been using PDFSam Basic. It was introduced to me by […]

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Learning French with Duolingo

It has been almost 90 days that I have been using Super Duolingo. I am not using it religiously but it has become my morning routine that I have 88 days streak. So, here is what I like about the app: The gamification with leaderboard and a community of learners The daily reminder that nudges […]

Passport Photos

Resident Permit or Passport Photos from your Phone

As part of moving to France and dealing with the authorities, we had to take several passport photos. We first had ours done at Timpsons as our kids were too short for the photobooths but were not quite please with the results and the costs. After obtaining our initial Visa to relocate to France, we […]

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Shoe Maker: The Untold Story of Reebok

I like business autobiographical books and stories about how businesses were founded, grow, thrive and became what they are today. I picked up this book from the library after several months of hiatus of reading due to my Oxford Strategy course. I stumbled upon the book on the shelves and I was last week old […]