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Learning French with Duolingo

It has been almost 90 days that I have been using Super Duolingo. I am not using it religiously but it has become my morning routine that I have 88 days streak.

So, here is what I like about the app:

  • The gamification with leaderboard and a community of learners
  • The daily reminder that nudges you to practise
  • It is available on your browser as well

What I didn’t like:

  • There are some basics like numbers, days of the week and months they should begin with
  • Further explainations of the structure
  • A bit of history of the words could help

My verdict: It has helped me to understand the basics when I am in the supermarket or out and about. However, I am still far away from conversational. It is a good gap filler or learning aid for extra practise but I won’t fully replace it with a classroom based setting. If you wish to try DuoLingo which is ad supported for free, click on this link and when you join, I get a free week of ad free Duo Lingo!

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