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Homebase Equivalent in France

Homebase in UK (This is their new logo from 2022)

As I continue to explore and discover France and compare similarities with the UK, here is my latest find. Leroy Merlin is similar to Homebase back in the UK where they sell home improvement items and has a garden center. It is a large French company. We bought some light fittings, curtain and curtain rails here. It has quite an extensive range of items although some are pricier than our favourite supermarket, Auchan or budget retailer Action. Some of their branches open on Sundays.

We also boughts some nuts and bolts by the weight. This is to tighten up our bicycles which have lost a few nuts and bolts during the move.

You can register for a paid for membership card which allows you extended returns and some discounts. However, do note that there is an annual fee for this.

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