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The Equivalent of Home Bargains in France

I am a bargain hunter and who isn’t. I discovered a chain called Action that is similar to Home Bargains or B&M back in the UK.

Action is a dutch discount chain store that operates over 2000 shops across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and most recently Spain this year.

They sell a variety of household items ranging from decorations to cleaning products. There are bargain toys as well. Well, similar to what you would find in a typical Home Bargains or B&M. The items being sold seems to be their own brands and some I believe are overstock items.

We managed to get some blackout curtains for €11.95. The cheapest I have seen and works well for our temporary home. In addition to that, we bought some light fittings, light bulbs, mirror and bicycle lights!

Well, all that I have to share for now. Will most certainly return there one of these days. Have a nice evening!

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