Month: November 2022

Man in Yellow Shirt and Brown Pants

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

I seriously had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) this weekend and in my moment of weakness might have bought too many deals. I have been thinking of several projects which I used to justify the purchases. We will see if I put it to good use. Some of the items I bought are: At time […]

Sportfreunde Stiller – Ein Kompliment

To continue my European musical journey, let me introduce you to a song that was looping when I was based in Hamburg in around 2002. I personally find the live version nicer and it has permanent spot on my spotify playlist. The track is from a German Trio Indie Rock band which are still active […]

Learning Python

I just got back from a recent work trip in London and met a previous colleague and fellow friend. He told me about a possible scholarship for coding bootcamp which he got through! After a few pints, I decided I was up for the challenge and just completed the coding section of the screening tests. […]

Update on Banksy vs GUESS

I happened to be in Central London today after meeting AWS in their cool office. As the weather have cleared up, I took the opportunity to make my way to Oxford Street and slowly made my way down Regent Street to Covent Garden to meet a colleague. I deliberately took this direction to check out […]

Banksy vs GUESS

The high end fashion chain have sparked backlash from the famed street artist Banksy for apparently not getting any permission for using his artwork on a newly launched collection. The fashion chain claims to have collaborated with a street artist licensing company Brandalised to use the pieces but this does not seem to be the […]

Millow – Ayo Technology

Milow is a belgian based singer who released this track in late 2008. It is a cover of Fifty Cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland’s hit. Like many, I prefer Milow’s version. It was a hit and peaked at number 1 in several European countries such as Netherlands, Denmark & Sweden. The hit was noticed by […]

Less Talking & More Doing

I have started experimenting online again after years of procrastinating. I found old copied of my sites from 8 years ago when it got hacked and am slowly restoring the content now. This includes sales pages for JVZoo and various online marketplaces. Although some of the products and materials might be outdated, I sure do […]

Close-Up Photo of a Person Holding a Hello Text on Yellow Background

Hello – Martin Solveig

I can recall myself listening to this tune playing in the canteen of the office in Amstelveen, Netherlands. I can vividly picture the big square table and a few of us sitting around it. I never imagine myself having a European centric career while growing up in Penang Malaysia. Well, back to this song. It […]

Bleuet for Armistice Day

Similar to Poppy flowers during Remembrance Day, the France symbolise it with the Corn Flower. I learned about this from my kids that proudly wore their Bleuet from school. According to Wikipedia, In France, the bleuet de France is the symbol of memory for, and solidarity with, veterans, victims of war, widows, and orphans, similar to the […]

Black and White Hardtail Bike on Brown Road Between Trees

My Bicycle Broke

My trustworthy bicycle finally gave way yesterday after running my errands and trying to pick up my kids from school. I ended up walking to school and reaching just in time for pick up and thankfully the journey home wasn’t that bad as the weather was kind. I finally took part the rear wheels to […]