Month: November 2022

Collection of Compact Disc

Republica – Ready To Go

Republica are an English alternative rock band formed in 1994. I was quite surprised that this catchy uplifting beat never reached top 10 in the UK charts but it did hit the airwaves in 1996 during the peak of BritPop! Hope this songs prepares you for the weekend!

Lifelong Learning

This quote resonates me at this point of my life. I have been getting back to experimenting online and doing coding/scripting as well. I have a portfolio of short domain names that have been idle for over 10 years and now will be the perfect time to do something about them. I recently migrated one […]

Disposable E-mail Addresses

Are you tired of getting spammed by junk mail? Fear no more, use disposable e-mail addresses. Yes, e-mail addresses that you can literally get rid off after using it to subscribe to a mailing list when you do not wish to use your own. I have been playing around with attempting to host my own […]