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Sorry for the grim title. One thing that is certain in life is death. So, it is sad to hear one of the artists that I listened to when I was young has passed away. It came up as breaking news when I was in the kitchen preparing lunch. Sorry for the grim post but […]


It’s Friday Again

It’s funny how what my kids listen to influencing my spotify playlist. This is one catchy tune that made its way and very fitting for a Friday. The beats are addictive and gets stuck in a loop in my head. The track is called Friday by Riton x Nightcrawlers. Hope you enjoy it!

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Artists That I Watched Live So Far

Time to reminisce about acts that I was fortunate to view life over the years. I tried to list them in chronological order and have included their most memorable songs to me. Hope you know some of them and that they can bring back some good memories for you too. Backstreet Boys, 1-Stop, Penang, Malaysia […]

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Soundtrack Of My Life

Don’t you find it fascinating how listening to tunes could bring back a flood of memories from your past. A friend of mine use to curate his spotify playlist by the year to remember the fondest moments. Well, to kick off mine, I would play a little track. This song was looping on the screens […]