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t.A.T.u – Not Gonna Get Us

Riding on the Eurovision related acts, here are the team that placed 3rd but made a huge impact. t.A.T.u was a groundbreaking Russian pop duo formed in the early 2000s, consisting of singers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. They gained international fame with their controversial image and catchy pop tunes. In 2003, they represented Russia […]

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Lena – Satellite

Carrying on about my Eurovision favourites, here is a track from Germany called Satellite. It won when I was living in Netherlands but we have very fond memories of Germany as I lived in Hamburg for about 6 months. Lena, with her captivating charm and infectious energy, took the Eurovision stage by storm with her […]

Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

Another one of my favourite Eurovision act is Lordi from Finland. Although this song is not their official Eurovision entry, the video was like a mini horror movie that stucked in my head. Lordi’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 marked a significant departure from the competition’s typical offerings. With their electrifying performance […]

Ruslana – Wild Dances

With Eurovision just a little over a month away, I figured it will be good to share some of my favourites. I tend to lean towards artists that perform in their native languages but a good beat is a good beat regardless. It was towards the end of my student life in the UK and […]

Apache Indian – Boom Shack-A-Lak

Concluding my posts of artists of Indian Origin, this was a childhood favourite of mine thanks to my eldest sister. Apache Indian, born Steven Kapur on May 11, 1967, is a renowned British-Indian musician and singer-songwriter who rose to prominence in the 1990s with his unique fusion of reggae, Indian, and dance music. Hailing from […]

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Noble Savages – I Am An Indian

Still recovering from my trip in India, the memories of Indian based acts reminded me of this song from Noble Savages, “I Am An Indian”. The funny thing is, I didn’t know much about the band until I started researching them for this blog post. The duo consists of a brother and sister duo, Shirin […]

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Alisha Chinai – Made In India

Being in India for the first time this week was amazing and this Friday’s post is a tribute to a childhood song that I listened to as it received airplay on Channel [V] Asia. I can’t believe I would have listened to this song in primary school without understanding the lyrics other than the English […]

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Daler Mehndi РHo Jayegi Balle Balle

Next week I will be in India on a work trip. It will be my first time in Delhi and hopefully we will make our way to visit the Taj Mahal. So, in preparation of my trip, I was trying to revisit my memory bank of India songs that I listened to when I was […]

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Stooshe – Black Heart

Thanks to getting ready for this post, this is the first time I have seen the video. I heard this song on radio occassionally but it really stuck in my head from a compilation CD my daughter bought from a Car Boot Sale. Stooshe are a British girl group from London, consisting of three members […]

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Donna Lewis – I Love Your Always Forever

As Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, many of us find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of emotions. For some, it’s a day filled with romantic gestures, heartfelt declarations, and cherished memories. For others, like myself, it’s a day that feels overly commercialized, perhaps even a bit contrived. However, amidst differing perspectives, there’s always room […]