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Mando Diao – Dance with Somebody

The year was 2009 and I just relocated to Hamburg, Germany from Southampton, United Kingdom. This song keeps looping on MTV in my small apartment. I first thought it was some American band but to my surprise it was a Swedish group. Mando Diao was founded in 1999 and remains active today. The song was […]

Sportfreunde Stiller – Ein Kompliment

To continue my European musical journey, let me introduce you to a song that was looping when I was based in Hamburg in around 2002. I personally find the live version nicer and it has permanent spot on my spotify playlist. The track is from a German Trio Indie Rock band which are still active […]

Millow – Ayo Technology

Milow is a belgian based singer who released this track in late 2008. It is a cover of Fifty Cent, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland’s hit. Like many, I prefer Milow’s version. It was a hit and peaked at number 1 in several European countries such as Netherlands, Denmark & Sweden. The hit was noticed by […]

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Hello – Martin Solveig

I can recall myself listening to this tune playing in the canteen of the office in Amstelveen, Netherlands. I can vividly picture the big square table and a few of us sitting around it. I never imagine myself having a European centric career while growing up in Penang Malaysia. Well, back to this song. It […]

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Republica – Ready To Go

Republica are an English alternative rock band formed in 1994. I was quite surprised that this catchy uplifting beat never reached top 10 in the UK charts but it did hit the airwaves in 1996 during the peak of BritPop! Hope this songs prepares you for the weekend!

Black and Gray Microphone

Say You Do – Ultra

Ultra was a British pop band that made their debut in 1998. Their debut single Say You Do reached number 11 in the UK charts and their self titled album was in the top 40. This song is super catchy and is on repeat on my playlist. Lyrics to the song are as follow: I […]

I Quit by Hepburn

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Hepburn is a four piece British Pop Rock Band which released it’s debut single I Quit in 1999. It peaked at number 8 of the UK singles chart. The song made it’s way into the soundtrack of the teen TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer which resulted in a new video […]

Down The Rabbit Hole

Number 1 Enemy by Daisy Dares You

The week is almost over and a quick dive into my music memory. This catchy tune came out as the debut single by British artist, Daisy Dares You in collaboration with the British rapper Chipmunk. It hit the airwaves in 2010 and was in the top 20s. She did record an album, Rush which unfortunately […]

La Camisa Negra – Juanes

One of the rare Spanish songs that gained airplay in our radio in Malaysia. This only shows that music is a global language. Out of curiousity I only found out that the title meant The Black Shirt. I can’t make up my mind if La Camisa Negra or Volverte A Ver is my favourite track […]

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

I first heard of this song from the movie “There’s Something About Mary” starring Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. It was recently that I found out that the band was british and formed in Bayswater, London where I used to live after graduating from University and working for H&M. The Foundations was multiracial and scored […]