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Wonder Girls – Nobody

I was asked about this song when I was based in Hamburg Germany. A colleague have just returned from a holiday in Thailand and was dying to find the title of this song but I was unhelpful. Apparently the song was playing everywhere he was. Wonder Girls is a Korean girl group from JYP Entertainment […]

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2NE1 – I Am The Best

A bit of a arrogant title as a track but the song is so iconic and represents another phase of K-Pop aiming for world domination. 2NE1 pronounced as the number 21 is a quartet girl group from Korea. They competed in MTV Iggy’s Best New Band of The World and eventually emerged as champions in […]

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Clon – Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah

Clon consists of Kang Won-rae and Koo Jun-yup. This K-Pop duo made a debut in 1996 and was around the same time I discovered H.O.T. thanks to my sister. An unfortunate incident in 2000 have left the other half of the pop duo paralyze from the waist down. The other half is DJing as DJ […]

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H.O.T. – Candy

I was first introduced to K-Pop by my second sister. It was quite often that either Channel V or MTV Asia will play a Korean Chart Show in the evening and we will be recording some of the music videos on VHS to be replayed later. Although we don’t understand Korean, we are often attracted […]

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Jeff & Machi Jump 2003

Rotating through Taiwanese artists, I recall listening to Machi for the first time mainly because the track remixes the original song by Missy Elliot, Work It. I can’t believe this track “Jump 2003” is now twenty years old. There is another version that has Missy Elliot’s vocals in it. They rap in my native Hokkein […]

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Matilda Tao – Sisters Stand Up

I have been travelling again for work and have been on the road for the past week and can’t believe the week has gone. Well, I wanted to share this track and was fortunate to find a video with a literal English translation to the lyrics. This catchy pop song is by a Taiwanese Entertainer, […]

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A-Yue – Break Up

I was introduced to this track by my eldest sister. She often listens to Chinese songs when we were growing up and did introduced a few hits that stuck in my head. A-Yue (Chang Chen-yue) hails from Taiwan and performs in a band named Free Night. Chang is a Taiwanese aborigine of the Amis people. […]

S.H.E – Superstar

Now we travel back into my time when I was introduced to this video and track. I am aware of this Taiwanese girl band but never payed too much attention to them as I mostly listen to english songs. I was fortunate to be in McLaren House which is the student accommodation in London South […]

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James Morrison Live & Loud KL 2007

Can’t believe the weekend is near and I just recall that I watched James Morrison perform in Live & Loud KL in 2007 (A 10 Day Musical Festival). I can’t believe I missed this from my original list of Artists I Have Watched. His song You Give Me Something was a frequently played on the […]

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Evening News – Jason Lo

Another Malaysian artist from my childhood, this song is Evening News by Jason Lo. It can be heard over and over on the local radio. It is one of the singles from his Debut Solo Album Day without Dawn released in 1999. This song was no 1 in the local English charts for 7 weeks. […]