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Restaurant Vouchers As A Perk

One of the perks of Employment in France is Restaurant Vouchers (Titre Restaurant). This is given by employers that usually don’t run a canteen to subsidise the costs of your meal during working days. I notice this voucher quite a while ago when I was looking after Belgium as part of my IT Service Management role.

The beauty of the Restaurant Vouchers is that you can accumulate it and spend it on your groceries which is what I do. There is a limit of using up to €25/day. This have been subsidising my weekly groceries.

Depending on your employer, the perk could be given in vouchers, mobile or physical card. You can then be freely to use it to transact like cash for eligible food items in participating outlets. The places that will accept it varies by the the provider of the vouchers (eg. EdenRed, Sodexo) although most popular outlets tend to accept all.

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