The Great Pagoda Paris

I stumbled upon a signboard pointing towards this place of worship in the first few months I was in Paris while visiting the Zoo.

It took us nearly two years to finally visit this place and for a delayed Wesak celebration. Nestled in the massive grounds of Bois de Vincennes, there is a Buddhist Temple.

There are frequent events at this location often promoting Asian countries. You can check the agenda at their official website or facebook page.

Worshippers and Visitors Exiting the Main Shrine
Buddha Relic Originating from India
A Few Buddhas Surrounding The Main Shrine
Zen Sculpture Near The Grounds

I like this place as it seems to have representation of Buddhism from Sri Lanka, Tibet, Thailand, Burmese and Japanese. I ate mixed vegetarian rice from one of the stalls which was lovely. The grounds were welcoming and it was a good spiritual trip for the family.

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