Indian Run Falls Dublin Ohio

As part of my work, I had the chance to go to Dublin Ohio. I was by myself this time around and had some spare time to fill between the early mornings due to jet lag. I discovered a green patch on google maps and decided to check it out. I started running at 6 am and it suits me as I saw only two other folks on the path. A fellow jogger and walker.

Well Decked Out Walking Paths
Not Muddy Even After Previous Night’s Rain

I was staying the AC Hotel by Marriot in Bridge Park and Indian Run Falls is accessible through the Pedestrian Dublin Link Bridge over Scioto River. The paths were a mix of dirt and decked paths.

A Small Water Fall
Went Closer To Snap Some Photos Under one of many Bridges

There were some wildlife that I came across during my jog including rabbits and a deer. The air was cooler than France and it had to do with the rain the previous day and probably the smog from Canada due to the fire.

A Cemetry at the Beginning

The area also has some historical sites including a war memorial and also a cemetry.

I hope to be back here at some stage and would venture even further the next time.

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