Public Domain Day

Well, almost a month late since 1st January 2023 but do you know every 1st January, thousands of works become copyright free? This is because the maximum period to protect the work and commercially profit from it ends. This year, see famous characters like Winnie The Pooh going into the public domain. This doesn’t mean the whole catalogue of the character or even Disney’s version of it. This means the early work and publishing of it is now available for everyone to re-purpose of distribute in it’s original form.

Copyright laws like any regulations are complex and although the copyright lapses in America, it isn’t necessarily the same elsewhere.

I usually look forward to such days to see what work are available to be remixed or republished into an app or other products.

To celebrate this, enjoy a movie from 1927 called Metropolis which have inspired generations in imagining what the future will look like.

Visit this post which shares tons of information and usually lists annually what becomes public domain!

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