Foire De Paris

Over the weekend, we were fortunate enough to visit the 120th edition of Foire De Paris at the Paris Exhibition Center. We missed the events last year and eventhough we had a busy weekend, we had to squeeze it in. We drove to the venue and there were abundance of parking spots available.

The fair features exhibitions of products, food and cultures from all over the world. It is spread accross several large hangar size halls. There were section for renovation, cooking, household goods and by continents.


We were most excited with the African section which even had a mini street carnival as in the video.

We were dissapointed with the Asian food section as most items were overpriced and sold out. The selection were also poor in comparison to what we could fine elsewhere throughout the exhibition. We paid 13 Euros for two corn dogs which were microwaved to be heated up. What a rip off! My kids did enjoy their bubble tea though.


However, we discovered Bokit which is a Guadeloupean sandwich fried in a saucepan with hot sunflower oil. This paired with Rum was a good mix and it certainly kept our bellies full.

It can be overwhelming as the exhibition is extremely large but I would recommend visiting at least once.

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