Vincent Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise

It is Easter Monday, and as we had no long weekend plans, we decided to visit the last village that Vincent Van Gogh spent his final days in. It only took us 40 mins by car and there were ample free parking spots available. We parked at the town hall which was just opposite the main attraction, Maison De Van Gogh, Auberge Ravoux. This is where he lived for 70 days and produced up to 80 of his best works. We managed to get the first set of tickets for the english guided tour of the morning.

Ravoux Inn

The overall guided trip and tour of the museum lasted approx 30 mins split into two halfs. One is a guided tour of the room where he lived in and spent his final moments in. The neighbouring room was occupied by Anton Hirschig, a fellow dutch artist. The tour ended with a short video featuring slides and quotes from his letters to his brother Theo. As you exit the buidling, you can peak into the dining room where his funeral was held. As he committed suicide, he wasn’t allowed a funeral at the church.

The Town Hall with a sign featuring a picture he painted

The cemetery where Vincent van Gogh was burried in was a nice uphill stroll. On the way, you will be able to walk the same paths and see locations where he painted. There are often signs near the location he painted showing the painting and some description.

Location of The Wheatfield with Crows
The Actual Painting of The Wheatfield with Crows
The Church at Auvers
The Actual Painting
His Tomb Next to his Brother, Theo

His tomb was basic and apparently planted with vines to keep both brothers connected together. His brother, Theo passed away 6 months after him in Netherlands but his remains were eventually brought to rest with his brother.

Things I learned from the trip are that, the brother supported and funded most of Vincent’s life including purchasing all the art materials needed.

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