Ruslana – Wild Dances

With Eurovision just a little over a month away, I figured it will be good to share some of my favourites. I tend to lean towards artists that perform in their native languages but a good beat is a good beat regardless.

It was towards the end of my student life in the UK and this was the first song that really introduced me to the song contest and how big it was in Europe.

Ruslana, the renowned Ukrainian singer, captivated audiences with her electrifying performance of “Wild Dances” during the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, ultimately securing victory and etching her name into Eurovision history. With her fierce stage presence and energetic choreography, Ruslana infused traditional Ukrainian folk elements with modern pop sensibilities, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that resonated across Europe and beyond. “Wild Dances” not only showcased Ruslana’s powerhouse vocals but also celebrated Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage, earning acclaim for its fusion of ethnic instrumentation and pulsating beats. The song’s triumph at Eurovision not only propelled Ruslana to international stardom but also solidified her legacy as one of Ukraine’s most iconic musical exports, leaving an indelible mark on the Eurovision stage.

She even has a commerative stamp made of her in 2005 to solidify her status as a true icon.

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