Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

Another one of my favourite Eurovision act is Lordi from Finland. Although this song is not their official Eurovision entry, the video was like a mini horror movie that stucked in my head.

Lordi’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 marked a significant departure from the competition’s typical offerings. With their electrifying performance of “Hard Rock Hallelujah,” the Finnish rock band shattered expectations, showcasing a fusion of theatricality, heavy metal, and flamboyant costumes that captivated audiences worldwide. Clad in monstrous attire, complete with horns, spikes, and elaborate makeup, Lordi brought a darkly fantastical aesthetic to the Eurovision stage, earning them both adoration and controversy. Their triumph not only secured Finland’s first-ever win in the contest but also sparked discussions about the diversity of musical genres within Eurovision and the power of unapologetic individuality in a mainstream setting. Lordi’s victory remains a legendary moment in Eurovision history, embodying the spirit of creativity, originality, and fearless expression.

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