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We finally visited Rouen on the Easter weekend. Despite the unpredictable weather forecast, we decided to take our chance and drove almost two hours to this picturesque city. As usual, we arrive early and parked underground in the center.

Rouen is the capital of Normandy. The famous landmarks of the city is The Cathedral, the Great Astronomical Clock and the site that Joan of Arc got burned. It was also the center of the 100 year war between France and the English.


Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, was a courageous and devout young woman who played a pivotal role in the Hundred Years’ War between France and England during the 15th century. Born in Domrémy, France, in 1412, Joan claimed to have received visions from Saints urging her to support Charles VII and help drive the English out of France. Her unwavering faith and determination led her to lead French troops to several key victories, including the lifting of the siege of Orléans in 1429, which proved decisive in securing Charles VII’s coronation. However, her successes were short-lived, and she was eventually captured by the English, tried for heresy, and burned at the stake in 1431 at the age of just 19. Despite her tragic end, Joan of Arc’s bravery, conviction, and enduring legacy have cemented her as a symbol of French nationalism and a revered figure in history.

Just outside the Church was the location Joan of Arc was burnt. She and her body was burnt 3 times.
Sign on Donjon De Rouen (some call it Joan of Arc Tower)

She was not imprisoned here but one of her trials were conducted in this tower. The tower that she was imprisoned no longer exist. One can only imagine what she must have been through.

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Rouen

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