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Lena – Satellite

Carrying on about my Eurovision favourites, here is a track from Germany called Satellite. It won when I was living in Netherlands but we have very fond memories of Germany as I lived in Hamburg for about 6 months.

Lena, with her captivating charm and infectious energy, took the Eurovision stage by storm with her song “Satellite.” As she performed, her voice effortlessly filled the arena, drawing in viewers from across Europe with its distinctive blend of pop sensibility and irresistible hooks. With each note, Lena commanded the stage, embodying the essence of youthful exuberance and confidence. The infectious rhythm of “Satellite” swept through the crowd, igniting a wave of excitement and anticipation. When the final votes were tallied, it was clear that Lena’s performance had struck a chord with audiences everywhere, propelling her to victory and solidifying “Satellite” as an unforgettable anthem of Eurovision glory.

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