On our way back from a weekend getaway in Les Riceys, we stopped by the medieval town of Troyes. This place have roots to the celtics and roman eras.


Troyes, a charming city nestled in the Champagne region of northeastern France, is a captivating blend of history, culture, and architectural beauty. Known for its well-preserved medieval old town, Troyes boasts half-timbered houses with sloping roofs, narrow cobblestone streets, and hidden courtyards that transport visitors back in time.


The city’s rich history as a thriving trading hub during the Middle Ages is evident in its Gothic churches, such as the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral, and its numerous museums dedicated to art, history, and local crafts.


Beyond its historical allure, Troyes is also renowned for its gastronomy, with local specialties like Andouillette sausages, Chaource cheese, and of course, Champagne, tantalizing the taste buds of food enthusiasts. Whether you’re strolling through its bustling markets, exploring its ancient alleyways, or savoring its culinary delights, Troyes offers a delightful experience that captures the essence of French charm.


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