Mattel Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

I have always wanted to watch Monster Trucks live and what a great opportunity when the show was in Paris. We arrived just in time 5 mins before the show began on time at 1130. The La Defense Arena wasn’t 100% full but it was clearly a family affair.

Big Foot. Image from hotwheelsmonstertruckslive.com

In addition to the laser lights and glow in the dark themed, the show was structured like any other competition. The Monster Truck will do a series of events such as long jump and a freestyle. Each will be given a score and the champion will win the cup. It can become a bit repetitive as the monster truck did their tricks. The winner of our show was 5-Alarm.

Mega Wrex. Image from hotwheelsmonstertruckslive.com

The show was loud and make sure you bring your ear plugs. If you didn’t, complimentary ones were provided at the venue. As the event was indoors, you could also smell the fumes. There were stalls selling merchandise and the Hot Wheels monster truck toys.

Race Ace. Image from hotwheelsmonstertruckslive.com

The show lasted about 2 hours with an interval. It felt like the first half was longer and there is a course change during the interval for the Motocross. During the interval, a dinosaur transforming vechicle appeared. The Motocross (stunt bikes) were a good break to the rhytm of the show and energy. The first half of the show were indeed longer than the second half. Upon completion of the event, the drivers did walked around the arena and gave a wave to the crowd.

It was an overall good fun experience for the kids and a nice early birthday treat for my son.

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