Up The Eiffel Tower

Well, we manage to do a touristy thing by going up the Eiffel tower. We only manage to get tickets for using the stairs up to the 2nd floor as the lift to the top have sold out. If you ever want to go there, please buy the tickets online as we avoided queues of up to two hours just to get entry tickets. There are multiple security you have to get through in order to get into the base of the tower.

Our tickets were for 1500 but they allows us to go in at 1420.

The climb up the stairs were not as hard as I thought it would be and the first floor was wider than expected. Although we felt the crowd around the eiffel tower, the first and second floor were busy but we were still able to move around. The steps were not too narrow nor crowded.

My favourite picture that I took was as below of the shadow of the tower on the city of Paris.

We will be exploring a few more tourist hot spots before the holiday ends with the kids and I will endeavour to share whenever I can. Till my next post, hope you have a good New Year!

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