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The Grand Elephant of Nantes

As part of my birthday weekend celebration, we decided on a mini road trip to Nantes for the sole purpose of us riding the Grand Elephant!

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It was nothing short of amazing in terms of the mechanism and puppetry effect. We booked the tickets online and this is highly recommended to avoid the queues. If there are no tickets available online, don’t be dissapointed as they only sell limited slots online. As with many attractions in France, I bet you will be able to secure your tickets if you are early. There was a warning though that the attractions availability were subject to weather and technical faults.

Besides the attraction, we found the city a nice place to visit as it was vibrant and lively. We were too exhausted to enjoy the nightlife and retired to our hotel in the evening. I did manage to rise up early on Sunday morning for a peaceful jog around the river banks. There were still young folks just finishing their day after a long night departing the clubs and many entertainment venues.

We also found out that public transport was free on the weekend which was a bonus. The tram ride gave the kids an extra excitement and made it easier to get around.

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