Lemar – If There Is Any Justice

This song comes from a reality singing competition star that was constantly on our airwaves. I recall one of my housemate singing to this track when we live in Queensway in London. I can’t believe I was just a stone throw away from Kensington Gardens and struggle to wake myself up for a morning jogs in the park.

Born Lemar Obika on April 4, 1978, in Tottenham, he has etched his name into the tapestry of British music with his soulful voice and compelling lyrics. Bursting onto the scene through the early 2000s, Lemar quickly captivated audiences with his distinct blend of R&B and soul, setting him apart as a formidable talent. His journey, marked by resilience and authenticity, reflects the diverse influences of London, which resonate in the rhythmic beats and heartfelt melodies that characterize his music.

This song is from his second album, Time To Grow released in 2004. The album peaked at number 8 while this track peaked at number 3. He is still active today and according to his official website is having a UK wide tour in 2024.

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