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Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

During our two week adventure in Colorado, I was busy researching places to take the kids. I discovered this safari like experience to be able to wildlife from your car.

We started our trip at the visitor center before the drive. We spent quite sometime here as there was a room full of arts and crafts materials that kept the kids busy. It also gave us a bit of history of the place which I didn’t knew was a place that produced ammunition. (The name should have given it away)

The Museum & Visitor Center
Bison in the Museum. Probably the closest we can get to a real life one.

After speaking to the friendly folks at the center, we started our drive outside. We were on the hunt to see life bisons. We admired the sights in the first half of the drive and saw deers. We stopped when we notice a car ahead of us pulled aside. It was nice as we saw Prairie Dogs. They are like meerkats to me in terms of their behaviour and curiosity.


We continued on the drive for another twenty minutes and thought we wouldn’t be able to see the great bison but were happy to see a herd of them towards the end.

Such a Magnificent Beast

We streamed the audio tour which was available on spotify which guided us through the route. The voiceover was key as it gave us an indication of what to lookout for. We ended up spending our whole afternoon here before making our way back to Arvada.

I highly recommend anyone with time to spare to visit this place.

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