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Kurios – Cirque Du Soleil

The big tent was set up on an island nearby where I regularly jogged and I bought the tickets about 3 months ago once it was released. The excitement was full steam ahead that I could get my kids to join me on this fantastic modern take of circus.

The below is a opening act and the Kurios is their production with the most props (426) and takes about 65 trucks to transport all the equipment. The show gives you a steampunk feel and centers around a peculiar inventor/seeker.

The last time I saw a Cirque Du Soleil performance was Corteo in Amsterdam 2012 and with my sister, mother and wife. The cool thing about Cirque Du Soleil is that it is animal free and stays quite on brand with their overall theme. The production is also featured in the book Blue Ocean Strategy for creating a niche for themselves. They have a few residential shows in Las Vegas which I didn’t get a chance to watch when I was there.

Finally, the show did entertained me during the pandemic as they released weekly snippets of their shows on YouTube. It was a good way to get distracted from what was happening.

Here are some pictures from their press kit:

The Seeker
The Kurios
Aerial Bicycle

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