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Neon Jungle – Trouble

Who doesn’t like girl bands? Well, I re-stumbled on this tune that was in my spotify playlist and thought it was good to resurface it especially since the Spice Girls got their own Royal Mail tribute stamps 30 years after their debut.

Neon Jungle was a British girl group that burst onto the music scene in 2013, captivating audiences with their energetic performances and edgy sound. Comprising members Shereen Cutkelvin, Amira McCarthy, Jessica Plummer, and Asami Zdrenka, the quartet brought a fresh and dynamic approach to the pop music landscape.

One of Neon Jungle’s standout tracks that garnered widespread acclaim was “Trouble.” Released in 2014 as a single from their debut album, “Welcome to the Jungle,” the song showcased the group’s bold and rebellious spirit. With its infectious beats, powerful vocals, and a hint of urban influence, “Trouble” quickly became an anthem for those seeking a taste of rebellion and empowerment. The song’s lyrics explore themes of independence, self-confidence, and living life on one’s own terms, resonating with a diverse audience and solidifying Neon Jungle’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the pop music scene. Though the group disbanded in 2015, “Trouble” remains a testament to their short-lived but impactful presence in the music industry.

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