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Topkapi Palace Istanbul

As we had no plans, we decided to visit one of the top spots in Istanbul. The center of the Ottoman Empire. I grew up learning a lot about western civilisations but evidently not enough about the Ottoman and how vast they were.

We arrived here an hour later than initially planned due to the pro-Palestine protest on the Galata bridge. Our detour included lots of walking, a ferry and a train ride. Upon arrival at the premise, we manage to buy tickets with nearly no queue at all. The ticket now includes the Harem, which previously was an optional extra. Audio guides are also included but you will need a government issued ID as deposit in exchange for the guide. It is one ID per guide.

The palace is centers around four courtyards. If you are in a hurry, I would recommend focusing on the Harem which is the previous living quarters. This place can literally transport you back in time and you can imagine life behind the palace walls.

Below are some pictures I took of the Harem.


We also notice there are countless of Hammams (Turkish Bath) around the grand complex. From Hammams for Sultan’s Mom to the cooks.

Although the tickets to the palace are quite expensive, we do recommend a visit if you can.

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