R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

It is sad news and my kids are gutted. The longest reigning British Monarch have sadly passed away today. She was the only ruling British monarch in my lifetime so far. I admire her for the sense of duty she had and navigating through so many challenges from wars to scandals within the royal family household.

She visited my home country of Malaysia for the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 1998. I recall it was a big event in Malaysia during that time especially when our country had the best performance on the medal tally and finished 4th overall.

I saw her during my day at the races at Royal Ascot in 2018. Meghan made an appearance too. Participants were even making bets on what coloured dress she will be wearing that day.

We joined the one of the many street parties this year to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. It was nice catching up with some neighbours and the kids were able to cycle freely on traffic free road.

I will join the nation as they mourn her passing….

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